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Health, Safety and Environment

Health, Safety and Environment

Our commitment to ensure a healthy and safe environment for all of our employees and contractors is continuously at the forefront of our business activities, decisions and procedures.

The Group manages its activities with the highest regard for the wellbeing of people, places and the environment.

The activities undertaken by our company are managed to the highest environmental, health and safety standards. UNICOR conducts HSE due diligence on assets prior to acquiring or investing in them and also conducts HSE due diligence on its owned assets.

We have dedicated HSE resources across the company whose responsibility it is to ensure HSE compliance.

In the communities where UNICOR operates, where possible it employs local people to manage and run its facilities. UNICOR believes this helps to create more sustainable businesses that are beneficial to the local community as well as being commercially sensible.

UNICOR is enthusiastic about environmental sustainability and is an active supporter of the world's transition towards a greener economy. UNICOR began including environmental products into its portfolio as the various markets began to develop. UNICOR trades in carbon emissions, certified biodiesel and other environmental products. UNICOR has invested in sustainable biofuel refining that encourages the use of carbon-neutral fuels.

HSE Policy Statement

As part of its commitment to HSE UNICOR considers and focuses on the following in all of its activities:

  • Health and Environmental Standards (air, soil, water and waste)
  • Safety and Security Plans (including consideration of areas of conflict)
  • Regulatory Permitting (including issues of social justice and labor practices)

UNICOR participates in many commodities markets both directly as an owner, trader, supplier and indirectly as an investor.

UNICOR as a primary operator or owner:

Where UNICOR maintains direct oversight and control of day-to-day asset operations HSE systems and procedures have accordingly been developed and implemented appropriate to ensuring high operating standards and compliance with relevant rules and regulations.

UNICOR as a non-operating partner or investor:

Where UNICOR has a shared or limited interest in an asset, but does not have direct oversight or control of the asset operations; an evaluation of the asset and its operation and governance is conducted with oversight by members of UNICOR's senior leadership prior to initial investment, and subsequently at periodic intervals.

UNICOR as a trader of physical commodities:

Where UNICOR trades in physical commodities, involving the purchase, sale, storage, transportation and transformation of physical commodities; it considers the health, safety and environmental aspects of its activities. Senior leadership is strongly involved with trading activities and partner companies are selected with a view to helping to ensure UNICOR's standards and principles are adhered to and in accordance with the highest industry standards.

UNICOR maintains a dedicated HSE Compliance team with individuals based around the globe.

UNICOR's HSE Principles

  • UNICOR seeks to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all (employees, contractors and the public).
  • UNICOR is committed to ensuring ongoing compliance with all applicable rules, laws and regulations.
  • UNICOR is committed to conducting business with high standards relating to health, safety and the environment.
  • UNICOR commits to measure, record and review the company's performance in terms of its Health, Safety and Environmental metrics; and use that information to guide its future efforts.
  • UNICOR is committed to contributing to the development of the local communities where it operates.
  • UNICOR will continually strive to improve its Health, Safety and Environmental procedures and performance metrics on an on-going basis.

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheets (also referred to as Material Safety Data Sheets) provide important health and safety information about our products, and serve as an effective means for hazard communication in support of various hazard communication laws and regulations. Please use the link below to access the database.